SEASON 2 Still no news...
SAISON 2 Toujours sans nouvelles
TOME 4 Hachette semble avoir abandonné la publication de Tomorrow
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 Code of Conduct

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Code of Conduct is more like guidelines than actual rules anyway... But, still!


This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss all aspects of Tomorrow, When the War Began with your fellow readers. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy.


Here are some common courtesy guidelines to follow to ensure these forums remain a constructive and friendly gathering place for the community. While these do technically fall within the bounds of the Code of Conduct, these cover more specific examples of common errors that will lead to thread deletions or posting privileges being revoked.

The Tomorrow Series Europe forums are for discussion of topics directly related to Tomorrow, When the War Began. The forums here are specifically to discuss the game and related topics. Any topics not related to Tomorrow, When the War Began must be discussed within the Flood section which has been provided for.

Don't post in all capital letters, use a misleading title, excessive punctuation, non-standard symbols, etc. While everyone wants their posts read, we ask you to refrain from using these types of tactics in order to bring more people to your thread. Let your post stand on its own merit. Threads violating this guideline are subject to moderation and may be deleted if needed.


Naming and shaming constitutes harassment. While such warnings may sometimes be warranted, allowing targeting of others in such a fashion is open to abuse and thus not allowed. You may present your point of view while preserving the anonymity of those involved, and let the reader decide whether to contact you for details.

Do not bump posts. The act of posting simply to bump a thread is considered spamming. This also includes bumping very old threads for no reason (called 'necro bumping' or 'necroing').

Multiple threads on the same topic will be locked. When multiple threads cover the same topic we will typically leave one of them open, lock one with an explanation, and delete the rest. This is done to allow other topics to still have a place on the forums. Which thread is left open typically depends on the thread length and how constructive the first post and the thread in general are.

Suspensions add up. Repeated suspensions or multiple violations of the forum guidelines at the same time will add up and lead to a longer suspension than otherwise may be given for a single incident. When suspensions differ for the same Code of Conduct violation, suspension history is usually the reason.


If you encounter a difficult matter or something you wouldn't discuss on the forums, please contact Nadia (English or Italian only). Any request question Tomorrow (season 2, movie 2...) must be discussed on the forums and the forums only.

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Code of Conduct
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