SEASON 2 Still no news...
SAISON 2 Toujours sans nouvelles
TOME 4 Hachette semble avoir abandonné la publication de Tomorrow
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 Mature content

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Mature content

Mature content types

Nudity: If your work contains nudity, revealing the genitalia of a model or character or revealing a full female breast including nipples.
Sexual Themes: References to sex or overt sexuality, including sexually based humor. This category also covers images in which the character or model has taken a sexually provocative pose.
Violence/Gore: This refers to overtly realistic bloody or violent imagery, generally associated with horror and macabre, but can also apply to photojournalism or written work.
Strong Language: Can be applied to deviations containing profanity, vulgarity, and otherwise coarse or offensive language at the discretion of the submitter.
Ideologically Sensitive: If your work may be construed as offensive toward a person or a group of people due to a religious, political, social, or other belief please utilize this tag. This does not mean you are permitted to submit hate propaganda or hate art, which strongly implies and encourages violent acts against any of the above individuals or groups.

Content advised

If in the case of any above context... Please don't post. (simple as that)

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Mature content
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